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About Insurance Services

Kuraz Insurance received the license to operate as the non-life insurer in Iraq on May 15, 2019.  The paid-up capital of Kuraz Insurance Company is USD 6 000 000. The Company is affiliated to DAAX Corporation. 

Kuraz Insurance was established with the purpose of providing all types of non-life insurance within the Kurdistan Region, and Iraq as whole. In its operations the company relies on the reinsurance protection of the leading global and regional reinsurance companies with at least “Good” Investment Grade assigned by S&P, Moody’s, and / or Fitch Rating Agencies.   

Our Mission

Kuraz Insurance aims to bring traditional as well as innovative insurance solutions to Iraq.  The Company aspires to apply the most sophisticated practices of the modern insurance markets to Iraq, and set the benchmark for corporate governance, client experience, transparency, and prudential control.  

Our Vision

Kuraz Insurance also aims to contribute to the prudential and insurance supervisory reforms in Iraq.  Hence, aside from business goals, the eventual goal of the Company is to make its positive contribution to the improvement of the economic and social environment of Iraq.