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Property Management

Our property development and management business process encompassing activities that range from land development to construction of upscale projects within groups’ existing regions mainly in Azerbaijan, Turkey and Iraq in the mentioned contracts namely


  • Central Bank of Iraq Headquarters Project - IRAQ
  • Heydar Aliyev Cultural Center Project - AZERBAIJAN
  • Shahdag Tourism Complex Project - AZERBAIJAN
  • Qebele Headquarters Project - AZERBAIJAN
  • Premium Villas Project - AZERBAIJAN
  • Bilgeh Estates Project - AZERBAIJAN
  • Zagulba Headquarters Project - AZERBAIJAN
  • Mersin Integrated Health Campus Project - TURKEY
  • Bilkent Integrated Health Campus Project - TURKEY
  • Erbil Golf Project - IRAQ
  • Baku Flame Towers Project - AZERBAIJAN
  • Dream Land Golf Project - AZERBAIJAN

Our Expertise

Our property development and management expertise group act as a coordinator of all the activities, converting ideas from paper to real property also by managing the construction process while taking risk in the creation of the concept through purchasing a tract of land, determining the marketing of the property, developing the building program and designing , obtaining the necessary public approval and financing, building the structures, and renting out, managing , and ultimately selling it to the right parties.

Our property development and management expertise group work with many different counterparts along each step of this process, including internationally known architects, city planners, engineers, surveyors, inspectors, contractors, lawyers, leasing agents, with in the context of the projects.


Erbil Golf Complex

The new golf community in Erbil/KRG, a country rich in history and mystique, will result in an iconic symbol, a place where the peoples of the region will desire to visit. The Erbil Golf Complex will be a place of pride and memory for the country.

The primary focus is a signature world class, 18-hole golf course. The signature design will be recognizable to golfers everywhere. In the future, international golf tournaments will be held here. The course will offer a tremendous challenge and a spectacle of beauty with individual holes carefully laid out to accentuate the natural terrain and beautiful views of the site. A scenic ribbon of water features and lakes will offer panoramic views and challenging shots for golfers.